Antarctic icesheet outlines

Linestrings for the outlines of the ice covered parts of the Antarctic that are not explicitly mapped as glaciers in OpenStreetMap. Linestrings are split into smaller chunks (no more than 200 km length in projected coordinates) that are easier and faster to work with.


These files are based on the OpenStreetMap data of land ice in the Antarctic south of -60 degrees latitude which according to the OSM mapping conventions for the Antarctic is not represented by polygons. You need the data here to properly render glaciers in the Antarctic in a map without special local adaptations to your map style. Learn more about the Antarctic Icesheet processing...

The icesheet outlines in particular are needed if you render glaciers with explicitly drawn outlines, otherwise you only need the Antarctic icesheet polygons.


The files contain an ice_edge attribute which can have three different values with the following meaning:

  • ice_ocean indicates outline segments separating ice from ocean
  • ice_land indicates outline segments separating ice from ice free land
  • ice_ice indicates outline segments separating implicit ice areas from glaciers explicitly mapped in OpenStreetMap

Using this data

To use this data in an OpenStreetMap based map download the shapefile below, include it as a separate layer in your map style and render features with ice_edge=ice_ocean and ice_edge=ice_land with the same styling as used for glacier outlines.

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Download Format: Shapefile, Projection: Mercator


Data is copyright OpenStreetMap contributors and available under the ODbL. More...